Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello my name is Ariel and.....

I am more than slightly addicted to shopping on the internet. Are you? I mean it is one of the most amazing inventions ever, right? Just this week I have already purchased throw pillows, shoes for the little one, and three books for all of these things were on sale and I must say I am a complete sucker for free shipping (ugh, gets me everytime). My addiction goes deeper than just liking to shop...I also really hate going into stores..with tons of annoying people...around every corner..geting in my way!! I mean shopping in my underwear is so much more awesome. Well I know you are all aware of how cool the internet is but I just wanted to reassure you..thanks for reading. What about you friends, what are you addicted too?

Also for those of you that wear glasses you have to check out this website I've discovered Warby Parker. You just pick 5 pairs of glasses you like, they send them to your house so you can try them on...pick the ones you like send them back and get you prescription in the glasses you choose. Again no going in public! Amazing.