Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer is not over

this photo has nothing to do with summer. it is just boogie kitty looking out the window.

On Saturday my mom said to me "After the 24th summer is over." And you know what I said to her "SHUT UP mom!" She laughed. I don't think so. We still have August and August is still freaking hot. Summer still. Still plenty of time for camping, hiking and picnics.

Speaking of picnics. Shane and I had a date night on Friday and I packed us a picnic and we headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon and went on hike and enjoyed a wonderful view of the water. I will post some pictures later.

Last night Addy was running around with one flip flop on....because that is what she does. And she fell and hit her little nose on the sidewalk. She got a bloody nose and a scrape. Seriously that little girl gets hurt once a day. My mom is a spaz...I'm a spaz...I fear Addy got the spaz gene. Sad.

Well we are enjoying summer. And no it is NOT over! not matter what my ma says.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How do you like your hot dog??

I have only just recently discovered that I like my hot dogs like the one pictured above. They have to have it all....onions, pickle relish, mustard but no ketchup, I also really like cheese on them. I would way rather have them grilled than boiled. Since I have discovered that I love hot dogs this way I now love hot dogs! So I am curious do you like hot dogs and if so how do you like em? It seems everyone is a little different.

I know I am weird posting about hot dogs but I'm weird so whatever.