Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning to talk

I think Addy learning how to talk has been my most favorite stage so far. It is so funny and amazing all at the same time. She literally tries to repeat everything we say. She can say "Izzy" that is our big dog but she won't say any of the other dog's names. I think she thinks they're all named Izzy. And as far as the cats go she calls them all "kitty." I think my favorite is instead of saying "what's that" she says "wheesh." Awesome. Shane and I seriously walk around the house all day saying "wheesh" to each other and every time we laugh. She says tons of other things too and I swear she learns something new to say everyday. Next week I am sure she will be speaking in sentences. I cannot believe how incredibly smart she is. She blows my mind everyday!!

Being a mom is amazingly awesome. Love it more than anything else.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Arts Fest

This weekend Shane, Addy, and I went to the Utah's Art Festival. It was pretty darn wonderful. We have not been in a few years...because I hate crowds so much, but this year I put on my big girl panties and tried not to let the crowd of people bother me too much. Addy did great for the 3 hours we were there. Such a wonderful little girl I have. We bought 4 pieces of art and I am so happy about them. I seriously can't stop thinking about them. I love art...makes me smile. Now where to hang them?? Did anyone else go enjoy this wonderful event??

Good weekend....good times!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Family photos

My friend Tracy took some family pictures of us this weekend. We absolutely love them! She did such a wonderful job. To see more check them out on her blog here .

Thanks Tracy!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

camping and happy 100th post!!

The first weekend of June Shane and I went camping with a group of friends. It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect. Unfortunately our trip was cut short because of our sick little girl but it was still great to get out of the city even just for a short time. We went with six of our friends and we had five dogs total with us. Whoa! I love camping with dogs it's the best. We ate lots of yummy food. For some reason I eat so much when I am camping...love it. We ended up camping up Provo canyon above Sundance the spot we found was beautiful.

Some pictures.....

Shane looking out at the beautiful view

The View


Me and Meg

Dan and Becka...and three of the 5 dogs

It was a lot of fun. Next camping trip we are going to take the kids. Luke is dying to go camping.

Happy 100th post to my little blog!! I am still glad we're friends :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


We have had a rough week at the Thornton house. I think we are finally through the rough patch though *insert sigh of relieve here*

Well Saturday Shane and I went camping with some friends...no kids! Awesome :)(I will post some pictures later). We had a lot of fun and the weather was awesome. Then on Sunday morning when I woke up I got a call from my dad saying Addy was super sick and had a fever and we needed to come home. Well of course this put me in total panic mode so we hurried and ate breakfast packed up and headed home:( Once we got home Addy didn't seem that bad so we played and had lunch then she had her nap. Well in the mean time Shane started feeling really sick and took a nap too. Later that night Shane started getting the chills and had a fever. So of course the poor guy could not help with the little one. Ahh!

I tried putting Addy to bed that night and she didn't go to sleep until 11:30!! Which is way late for her. Then at 3:30am I could hear her breathing really heavy so I went and checked on her and took her temperature and the thermometer read 104 degrees!! Crap! It scared us so bad so we rushed up to Primary children's hospital. It turns out she has a virus and an ear infection. Well we didn't get home until 6:30 and I had to hurry and get ready and go to work. Awesome. Shane stayed home with Addy but he was still so sick. I ended up going home early that day but I couldn't nap because I just can't...not a napper.

Then on Monday night she woke up in the night and was up for about two hours. I was a zombie yesterday! Finally last night I went to bed early and got a good night sleep. I feel like a whole new person today. Whew! I knew motherhood would be hard at times but not this hard. Someone should warn you that sick babies are really difficult. I am just glad our little Addy is feeling better oh and dad is feeling better too. And mom is awesome!